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The N800 Internet Tablet Gets Skype!



nokian800 I’ve played with the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet several times, and each time walk away quite impressed with it. Courtesy of ThoughtFix, Warner produced an InkShow on the N800, which you can view here.

To the utter joy of N800 uses everywhere, several weeks ago Kevin Tofel learned that Skype was coming for the N800 – a perfect application for the N800. Ever since, Thoughtfix has been pinging the Nokia update page anxiously waiting for firmware update to appear.

Again, thanks to ThoughtFix, we’ve learned that Nokia has finally released the update, and yes, Skype is included as well as some other much needed improvements. ThoughtFix has the complete lowdown on the all of the improvements, along with his commentary during the install.

Learn more by reading the official announcement over at

BTW: If there is anything you need to know about the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet, I’d highly recommend subscribing to ThoughtFix’s blog. The guy lives and breathes the N800 and can tell you everything you need to know.


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