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The Need for Speed and a Tablet PC



Tablet PCs at the AMG plant in Stuttgart
If you are in to cars, then this article is for you. The Bangkok Post has a great article on the city of Stuttgart, Germany and its’ automobile industry: museums, luxury car plants, etc. The AMG plant specializes in luxury cars and strives to focus on the human element as much as possible. However, they do recognize the need for some technology, and that is where they bring Tablet PCs:

If you crave speed go to the AMG plant that rolls out luxury cars where the essence is human finesse rather than technology. You will see less robots or conveyor belts because its “one man, one engine” philosophy ensures attention to every detail and quality fitting of a brand noted for its powerful Mercedes engine and luxurious finish.

The technician works with the core block of the engine linked with a tablet PC that is connected to the main computer via a wireless LAN system. The PC helps the technician scan parts before they’re fitted to the engine. It is a measure of stringent quality control.

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