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The New iPad’s Only New Accessory: Apple TV



None of the fantasy Apple iPad 3 accessories we envisioned became real because Apple didn’t announce any new accessories this time around. Last year we got a Smart Cover, at least, and the original iPad already had a small but useful cache of accessories. We were hoping for at least one more.

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Alas, it was not to be. The accessories all still work with the new iPad, but we get no Magic Wand, no keyboard case, no new Smart Cover. However, if you check out Apple’s iPad accessories page you’ll see something listed there that wasn’t before: Apple TV.

Sure, Apple TV is a stand-alone product and you don’t need an iPad for it to work, but it’s a device you’ll want to have if you own an Apple tablet (or any Apple product). AirPlay mirroring makes it possible to play iPad games on a big screen.

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The iPad can also serve as a remote for Apple TV, plus you can start playing HD content on your iPad, then finish it on the big screen.

Still, it would have been nice to get a new case, at least. Good thing third-party manufacturers are on it. And that Bluetooth pen thing? It’s coming.

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