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The New LS800 Extended Battery



I just received the new extended battery prototype for the Motion Computing LS800. It isn’t quite what I talked about in the video review, but it is still very nice. In fact, I think I like this solution much better.

I’ll post charging times and real world battery usage after I use it tomorrow, but here are a few facts about it, followed with pictures. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

  • It adds about 1 inch to the width of the LS800. With the regular battery in, the width measures 6.5”. With the extended battery, it measures 7.5”.
  • It is a flat battery
  • 5.5 — 6 hours of battery life in normal usage
  • This prototype does not have the rubberized coating on it like the regular battery has. I’m not sure if the production version will have a rubberized coating. I think I actually prefer the non-rubberized coating — the rubber on the standard battery does get scratched off pretty easily.
  • The tablet w / extended battery will fit in the existing bump case, but it takes bit of work to make the velcro ends meet up and it definitely isn’t an ideal solution. To make it fit snuggly, you would need a piece of double sided velcro. To address this solution, Motion is coming out with an updated bump case to fully support the extended battery.
  • Due to the extra 1” of width, there is a very nice wide grip when holding it in portrait mode.
  • The extended battery will be priced at $189.99 and will be available for ordering on May 5 through Motion Computing and their resellers.
  • UPDATE: Allegiance Technology Partners has the battery for sale (pre-order) on their website and is offering a 5% discount for GBM readers. Follow this link and enter gottabemobile (all lowercase) in the Coupon Code area during checkout to get the discount

I’m getting one!

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image





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