The New Moto X is Now Available for Pre-Order
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The New Moto X is Now Available for Pre-Order



Just like that, the new Moto X is now available for pre-order through Motorola’s Moto Maker website.

Motorola started taking pre-orders for the new Moto X on its website this morning, just a few weeks after the company revealed the new iPhone 6 competitor to journalists at its headquarters in Chicago. Right now the site doesn’t seem to be too hard hit with shoppers. New Moto X buyers can pick up the handset it two different versions that are completely customizable.

MoTO X pre-orders

First is the AT&T new Moto X. At $99 and a two-year contract AT&T new Moto X buyers can customize both the front and rear of their devices. Front panels include black and white options. Rear customizations include different colored resin and the same wood options as last year. Moto Maker AT&T new Moto X buyers can also choose a leather rear if they have more sophisticated tastes. Moto Maker is the only place where AT&T new Moto X buyers can get a device with 32GB of storage instead of the 16GB version that the carrier offers normally. Getting 32GB of storage costs $50 extra.

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What Motorola is also calling the Pure Edition of the new Moto X is also now available for pre-order. Like the AT&T version of the device, users can customize the front and rear of the Pure Edition new Moto X. The differences between the two devices comes down to pricing and software. Pure Edition new Moto X buyers won’t get the option to finance their device through a carrier, which means they’ll be on the hook for the device’s full $499 purchase price unless they apply for Motorola’s credit program. Essentially, the Pure Edition Moto X is the device that Motorola wanted to make available to everyone. Pure Edition buyers get software updates directly from Motorola, skipping the wireless carriers and their delays entirely.

The Pure Edition new Moto X also doesn’t have a locked bootloader or any other software locks. What this means is that it’s perfect for anyone who likes to add customized versions of Android to their device. That might sound simple enough, but users who purchase the Moto X through their carrier will most likely have a hard time doing that. Pure Edition new Moto X buyers won’t get stuck disabling a long list of applications and still having them take up storage either.

The new Moto X is a flagship in almost every sense. Like the iPhone 6, the new Moto X has a larger screen than its predecessor. In fact, it’s a 5.2-inch high-definition OLED display, that most early reviews say looks gorgeous. Inside is a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, putting last year’s device to shame. Sensors on the front of the new Moto X allow users to wave their hands and dismiss notifications more fluidly than they can on the original Moto X.

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The rear-facing camera on the new Moto X is a new 13 megapixel sensor that has two flash modules that wrap around it. Motorola says that this setup allows for less harsh flash photography. There are a lot of nice to have features too, like the ability to customize the always-listening catch phrase for Google Now and a front-facing speaker that some think might be able to give the BoomSound speakers of the HTC One M8 a bit of competition.

Shipping times for customized Pure Edition new Moto X are around 10 days from the date purchased. Customized AT&T new Moto X buyers can expect their devices to arrive in the same time. That’s in contrast to AT&T, whose online store is offering a delivery date of September 23rd.


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