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The Next Lenovo Tablet PC: X200?



Don’t go to the bank on this one, but….

I’ve been hearing some rumblings around the tabletscape that Lenovo’s next Tablet PC will be dubbed the X200, and is set to release around the 4th quarter of this year.

If true, I wonder what we might could look forward to in an X200? What features of the X300 could we hope to see in an X200?

Some items I think are a given:

  • SSD
  • I see them sticking with the 12 inch screen. X300 for 13", X200 for 12"; not sure what they’ll do with resolution given the 1400 x 1050 issues.
  • Definitely going thinner in the fashion of the X300
  • Multi-Touch improvements
  • Wireless USB
  • LED screen

What do you think?

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