"The One" James Van Der Beek Pitches the HTC One
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“The One” James Van Der Beek Pitches the HTC One



With the HTC One coming to AT&T and Sprint next week the manufacturer has to get the word out about its phone, and using James Van Der Beek in a Bachelorette parody is certainly one way to do so.

The new ad features James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek and 1990s Problems fame as the host of a Bachelorette parody called “The One” which is about one woman’s search to find a phone that she loves. The parody has four guys dress up in phone costumes ranging from a rotary phone to old feature phones and one that’s an obvious play on the iPhone.

Much of the video focuses on jokes about how outdated most of the phones in the contest are, and a few jabs at the HTC One for not being a guy in a phone suit.

Aside from the obvious jokes at feature phones from when Van Der Beek was on TV every week, the video puts an emphasis on the UltraPixel camera and BoomSound speakers of the HTC One.

At one point the woman, Cara (sadly not Care Bear), decides she has to take a Zoe of the batter of whatever she’s backing. She doesn’t explain what a Zoe is, however. The only context given in the ad is that it has something to do with the camera. It’s a bit strange to take a short video clip a stationary thing, but she’s free to make her own strange decisions.

The video also takes a shot at the iPhone and it’s one speaker that’s not all that great at loud volumes. There’s no mention of BoomSound, but the video does hint that HTC’s phone has better speakers.

HTC One Review - 029

Previous HTC videos showed how impressive the dual front-facing speakers of the HTC One are. When paired with Beats audio, the speakers are the loudest of almost any smartphone. Despite the strange name, the feature is one worth talking about.

The HTC One will come to Sprint and AT&T on Friday, April 19 for $199.99 with a two-year contract. Though Sprint recently lowered the price to $99.99 for new customers. The HTC One may also come to T-Mobile on the same day.

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HTC Android 8.0 Oreo Update Details



The HTC Android 8.0 Oreo update is here for most users or coming soon. And if you’re still waiting for your update to arrive, here’s what to expect. We’ll go over everything we know so far and what you need to know. Including the latest information on HTC Android Oreo updates for the HTC 10, HTC U11, U11 Life, U Ultra and more.

Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo update is readily available and they even released an improved Android 8.1 in December. In the meantime, the original Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade will arrive for devices from popular Android manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, and Samsung soon. In fact, many devices are on Oreo already.

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HTC is still staying relatively quiet, all while they slowly continue to deliver the new software. In 2017 the company shared some key details on Twitter and we’re still awaiting more information here in 2018. The Sprint HTC U11 Android 8.0 Oreo update was first, and now we’re seeing the 2-year old HTC 10 get Android 8.0 Oreo. Read on for more details.

HTC Android Oreo Release Date

Let’s start with a few things we know about the HTC Android Oreo release date, and potential devices that will get it first. One of those being the HTC U11 and the U11 Life. Then, we’ll share important information about what to expect.

During Google’s Android O announcement the search giant promised updates to the latest software before the end of the year for many of its partners. They included HTC in this list but that’s all we heard. Before the year came to a close Oreo arrived for the HTC U11 in Taiwan, and select models in the United States. HTC hit their 3-month timeframe window for updates.

Back on November 27th, the HTC U11 Android Oreo software arrived for the unlocked model in the US. Then, carriers quickly followed and delivered it too.

HTC recently confirmed the update for three of its latest smartphones. Here’s the small list, with more information coming soon. This confirms the HTC Android Oreo update for the popular HTC U11, U Ultra and the older HTC 10 from 2016. Right now you can get Oreo if you have an HTC U11, or U Ultra, and now we’re seeing the HTC 10 Oreo update continue.

Speaking of carrier models, after a short delay the Sprint HTC U11 is getting Oreo starting Monday, January 22nd. You’ll get it within the next 24-48 hours.

We’re expecting all HTC phones from carriers in the US to get updates before the end of April. Most already have, and now the company is working on older phones. The HTC 10 update just started for Verizon Wireless. Yes, it took until mid-April, but the HTC 10 is getting Oreo.

We saw a similar update for the HTC 10 on Sprint back in February. For whatever reason, it took the Verizon model over two months longer to arrive.

We’re expecting other variants and the popular unlocked HTC 10 to receive Android 8.0 Oreo soon.

Additionally, HTC built the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and the new Pixel 2 running Android 8.1 Oreo. This should help the company offer updates to its own devices at a faster pace. That goes for 8.0, Android 8.1 Oreo, and potentially Android P later this year. Bookmark this page, as we’ll update it continuously as more information becomes available.

HTC Android Oreo Update: What’s New

HTC’s version of Android 8.0 Oreo won’t look identical to what’s available today on Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices. While HTC offers a nearly stock Android experience, most of it gets covered in Sense UI. The companies customized version of Android. Then, they add a suite of enhancements and more features on top.

Google filled the Android 8.0 Oreo update with changes and new features. From a revamped notification system, cleaner notification pulldown bar, to quick-glance notification dots on app icons right on the homescreen. There’s also over 60+ new emoji, auto-fill for apps, picture-in-picture mode, improved security, and better battery life, to name a few. Most of the tweaks are behind the scenes, but it’s still a big software update.

Read: Android 8.0 Oreo vs Android Nougat Walkthrough: What to Know

Our guide above compares Android 8.0 Oreo to Android 7.0 Nougat that most HTC users are enjoying today. This will help you get familiar with some of the new features when you get Oreo.

That said, some are going to look different as HTC makes their own changes, while others could end up missing completely. Until the first few HTC Android Oreo updates start rolling out everything is a mystery. Just know the software should improve performance, battery life and deliver new features at the same time. You’ll get Android 8.0 before Android 8.1, so keep that in mind.

In closing, it’s worth stating that Google made one huge change to Oreo that will impact HTC devices moving forward. Android Oreo introduces a new feature called Project Treble which Google says will make it “easier, faster and less costly for manufacturers to update devices to a new version of Android.” So future updates beyond Oreo will arrive faster than ever before. This update lays the foundation for that faster future.

Will My HTC Phone Get Android Oreo?

HTC hasn’t released a list of supported devices that will get the Android 8.0 Oreo update. Well, not a complete list. So far the company has only confirmed three main family updates. We suspect others will get added to the list here sometime in 2018. These are the ones we know about right now, or updates that already arrived.

  • HTC 10
  • HTC U Ultra
  • HTC U11
  • HTC U11 Life

It’s possible that HTC will release Android Oreo for devices like the HTC Bolt, 10 Evo, HTC One M9 or HTC One A9, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Typically devices get updates for around 2 years from the day it’s released.

What’s Next?

While you’re probably anxiously awaiting the update to Android 8.0 Oreo, HTC is likely already working on Android 8.1 Oreo too. That’s the latest version right from Google with additional improvements, bug fixes, and security patches. Most likely everyone will get Android 8.0 Oreo first, then 8.1 sometime later. Well, unless they jump right to Android P this fall. Google’s new Android P update is in the testing phase but won’t arrive until August or September.

Either way, nothing is 100% confirmed other than you’ll get Android 8.0 or 8.1 in the near future if it isn’t hitting your phone today. Just know that updates are finally starting to reach more regions and carrier-branded phones here in the US. Expect a lot more throughout the next few months of 2018.

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Common HTC 10 Nougat Update Problems & Fixes



The HTC 10 Android Nougat update delivered tons of new features for owners, but it’s also causing some problems. As a result we’re seeing multiple comments all over the web. Today we want to go over some common HTC 10 problems and how to fix them.

After being released by Google in August, manufacturers got busy with software updates. HTC was one of the firs to Nougat, and now in 2017 most users should have the latest release.

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While many are enjoying the jump from Marshmallow to Android 7.0 Nougat, we’re also seeing a slew of small problems riddling devices. If you’re experiencing problems on the HTC 10 either now, or after the Android Nougat update, we have a few solutions after the break.

The HTC Android 7.0 Nougat update isn’t perfect, and does have some problems. That was expected, considering Google has already released 7.1 and Android 7.1.2 Nougat is in beta as we speak. That said, users will be on this initial release for the time being. HTC will likely push another update out in the coming months

As we said above, many are loving everything that’s new in Android Nougat. From improved battery life, multi-window mode, Doze, improved notifications and much more. At the same time, complaints are all over the place. Users are reporting frustrating bugs, talking about battery life, and many other things.

Below we will look at some of these common problems and share ways to potentially fix them. Some may require an update from HTC, while others have easy remedies everyone can quickly use. Lets get started.

HTC 10 Nougat Installation Problems

The update should arrive as an over-the-air software file that is easy to install. Simply accept it and let the phone do its thing. At the same time, installation issues are something we hear about regularly. Most should have it by now, but if not, you can manually install it with files like these.

If you’ve yet to receive the HTC 10 Nougat release, or its freezing as you try to update, a few things could help. For one, use a stable and fast WiFi connection. Try rebooting the phone and having no apps running when you begin the download and update. Or as a last resort a factory data reset may help. It will erase everything, but the phone will have a clean slate to work with the update.

HTC 10 Battery Life Problems

We see this time and time again with almost every big software update. Users are complaining about battery life. Nougat is supposed to make it better, not worse. Our own results have been promising, but not everyone can say the same.

The first few days or week things can be worse. Because users are enjoying the phone more, testing settings, and everything is settling in. If you’ve had it for a few months and battery life is still bad, something else may be at play.

Often times there is an app that isn’t working right with your phone or the new software. Head into Settings > Battery > and see what’s at the top. If this isn’t Android system or display, something may be causing unusual battery drain. Try reinstalling the app. Other things like Bluetooth and WiFi could be the culprit, or a battery saving mode isn’t working as it was before. If you use battery saving features, make sure they’re still setup or enabled.

At the same time, a bug with gmail sync and other things has been tied to Power Saving mode, so if you’re having weird sync issues make sure battery modes are turned off.

Nougat Release Missing

At this point those in the United States should already be enjoying Android 7.0 Nougat on the HTC 10. Well, except for Sprint who just started sending it out to owners. If you haven’t received it yet, try heading into Settings > About Phone > Software and checking for updates.

Those in Europe though, probably saw a similar situation. After being released multiple times it was canceled on January 26th. The company resumed the release on February 7-8th, but sometimes it can take nearly two weeks for it to arrive.

So while most US owners should have it, or will get it soon, other regions should be all done sending out updates. If not, stay tuned to places like Twitter (follow Graham or MoVersi) for updates and additional details. Graham confirmed the Europe release was re-released on the 7th of February.

HTC 10 WiFi & Bluetooth Issues

Both WiFi and Bluetooth are two things we see after each software update too. A small bug is known in Nougat that makes select devices and accessories not play nice with Bluetooth. If your car or accessories are having problems, or Bluetooth, try a few simple solutions. The first one of which, simply enough, is just reboot your HTC 10.

We always recommend un-pairing and repairing any Bluetooth device. A similar process of forgetting a WiFi network is a good idea too. Re-pair any accessories, and reconnect to any home routers to fix these problems. Additionally it may help to unplug a router or WiFi modem for 1-minute and then connect once more.

Additionally, popular apps like WiFi Analyzer may help find any other potential problems.

HTC 10 Sound Issues After Nougat

The complaint we’re seeing the most on the HTC 10 Nougat release is regarding sound. And sadly, we’re not really sure how to fix it. We’re hearing sounds are unstable, lock-screen sounds aren’t working, speakerphone is only usable sometimes, and more. Randomly incoming and outgoing calls have no sound. Hanging up and trying again often fixes the problem. Users can also try toggling speakerphone off and back on, to get it working.

At the same time, multiple users state Live Wallpapers are missing or don’t work. These are weird little glitches, and we may need to wait for a bug-fixing Nougat update from HTC to fix them. As of right now we don’t have any tips on the sound problems. Other than to check all of your settings, reboot, or try a factory data reset and start fresh with the device. Some may need to get a replacement device.

Random Reboots

Something that comes as no surprise, some are seeing random reboots. If you haven’t manually rebooted or turned the phone off in a while, try that. As it does save apps and things in temporary memory and something could be acting up.

Select apps may not be compatible with Nougat, although most should be by now. If you notice reboots while using a specific program, try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Or checking for updates on the Google Play Store. Advanced users can also boot into recovery and clear the device cache, for an improved experience.

Fingerprint Scanner Problems

In addition to sound issues we’re seeing some owners face problems with the fingerprint scanner. We’d recommend checking out this guide for additional details. Typically any problems with fingerprints can be solved by deleting the saved scans, and redoing them over again. It only takes a minute or two at the most.

HTC 10 Nougat Software Lag

Updates are supposed to make our devices faster and more stable. If you are experiencing lag or performance that isn’t normal, try rebooting the phone. If issues persist, there are ways to speed up the HTC 10. This guide has a neat trick worth trying, as a last resort.

Otherwise, you may need to uninstall select apps that aren’t working right, or try to find out what’s causing the issues. Backup features may be slowing things down, so keep that in mind.

Factory Data Reset

All said and done, some little problems or issues can’t be fixed with an easy reboot or changing some settings. While it’s irritating to some, we’d recommend doing a factory data reset after every major software update. Especially one as big as Android 7.0 Nougat. This will completely erase the phone and all data, but has been known to severely cut down on problems, improve performance, and keep battery life in top shape.

Head into Settings > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset > Erase and completely wipe out the phone. It will delete everything (remove your SD card first) and put the HTC 10 back to an “out of the box” state. Like it was the day you bought it, only running the latest software.

We’d recommend backing up your device first just to be safe, restore everything, and continue setting up the phone. Staring over is a hassle, but this should fix any underlying problems you may be facing.

Those with other issues or that have any questions can drop us a line in the comment section below.

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HTC Android 7.0 Nougat Update Release Details



Google released Android 7.0 Nougat back in August, followed by Android 7.1.1 in December. Now, smartphone owners are wondering when they’ll get Nougat. HTC has been one of the best in terms of keeping users informed. With that in mind, here’s what we know about upcoming HTC Android Nougat updates. Including carrier versions of the HTC 10, the unlocked A9 and more.

For several months now many Nexus owners have been testing and enjoying Android Nougat. It’s loaded with a lot of new features, improved battery life, multi-window mode and more. All things HTC owners should want. Technically we’re now on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, which has further features and big fixes. Additionally, Android 7.1.2 is in a limited beta.

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The Android N beta ended in August and quickly arrived for many. We’ve since seen betas, developer previews, and two updates. HTC promised updates within 90 days, which was before the end of 2016. They hit their mark for unlocked devices, and are now moving on to carrier models in the US as 2017 moves forward.


Popular smartphones from all major manufacturers will see an update to Android 7.0 Nougat in the near future. Or Android 7.1 Nougat. HTC was first to make announcements, but LG and Motorola sent updates out first.

In a surprise move during the summer of 2016 after some Google announcements, HTC confirmed three key HTC Android N software updates are in the pipeline. While only three phones were mentioned, we can expect more to probably get the same new software. Now that Android 7.0 Nougat is official and has been released, they’ve been sharing more details.

HTC Android 7.0 Nougat Updates

We’ve known for a while that HTC is working hard on updates. However, the release date has been a mystery. And while we’re still expecting the HTC One M9 and HTC 10 to get it, unlocked models were up first.

On December 5th, the day Android 7.1.1 was released, HTC confirmed the One M9 update. Starting with the unlocked edition. Then, carrier models will get the same sometime in 2017. And now, they are starting to roll out.

Above is a tweet from HTC USA on December 5th. Confirming Nougat started, and will continue into 2017. That is the only device being mentioned at this time.

Update: Those with an HTC 10 on T-Mobile should be happy that Android 7.0 Nougat rolled out on January 5th. Other carriers should follow soon, then other phones.


The first HTC Android 7.0 Nougat update was the unlocked HTC 10 on November 25th. Then the HTC One M9 unlocked developer edition. Now we’re starting to see movement on HTC 10 from carriers. What about the HTC A9? Well, unlocked models should receive it starting January 16th.

Now that those updates have finished the company is moving on to others in the US and around the globe. In fact, this week the HTC 10 Nougat update is arriving in the UK, according to HTC.  Although it recently was delayed. The HTC One M9 Android 7.0 Nougat update is also hitting select devices. Although no carrier-specific announcements have been made.

Update: As of February 2nd we have more good news for HTC owners waiting on Nougat. The companies own Gram Wheeler announced a slew of updates on Twitter, future plans, and even some delays in Europe.

Europe, Turkey and South Africa are now getting Nougat on the HTC One M9, and more countries will get it in the coming days. Likely early next week.

Now, all we need is the remainder of HTC 10 and HTC One M9 devices in the US to get updates. Eventually the HTC One M8 will be included, too. In closing, while HTC did hit their 90 day window and pushed updates before 2016 came to a close. They barely hit that goal. Most users with carrier models are still waiting, and we’re already into the month of February.

HTC was able to release Android 6.0 Marshmallow within three months last year, but only for select regions outside the United States and unlocked models. Most US carriers ended up waiting around five months, with February and March being the actual arrival. It appears that HTC is a little ahead of that schedule for Android Nougat, but not by much. We’ll keep an eye out for further information.

What’s New in Android Nougat

Our link at the top of the page is an in-depth look at Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow vs Android 7.0 Nougat, and everything that’s new and different with comparison photos. It goes over many of the key changes, so start there.

As a quick recap, the HTC Android 7.0 update bring improved performance, better battery life with “Doze” features, split-screen multitasking, the recent apps button works like ALT+TAB and switches between the last used apps, and much more. Google has over 50 big changes in Android N. Like faster app installs, which are also smaller, a new JIT compiler, improved graphics and performance with the Vulkan API, revamped notifications with quick reply from the pulldown bar, customizable quick setting tiles and so much more. All of that and more will complete HTC’s software upgrades.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.10.58 AM

A huge addition announced back at Google IO was “Android Instant Apps” which will enable Android to install small bits of an app (say, from a search result or web link) and allow one-time instant app usage. No installing an app and starting over. Android just adds what it needs for that moment, uses the app then removes those parts, and we’re done.

Not to mention things like a better and improved Google Now or Search using the Google Assistant with machine learning, number blocking and call screening. That’s just a short list of many changes. Many are behind the scenes.

Of course most of this will come with HTC Sense UI over the top, with additions like HTC Blinkfeed and other small tweaks that each manufacturer adds. Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC uses Sense UI, and LG has their own interface over stock Android as well. Not every new feature will be implemented, others will be changed, but this is a big and exciting update to Android for all devices.

HTC Android 7.1.1 Nougat Release Date

As of right now it’s far too early to remotely speculate on release dates for other carriers and HTC devices. More so, we don’t know when they’ll update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat. That’s the latest release right from Google. Right now Android 7.0 is what’s being delivered. In fact, we could see most manufacturers, including HTC, skip right to Android 7.1.2 Nougat in the next 2-4 months.

From what we’re seeing so far HTC has updated developer editions, unlocked models and is now moving to carrier phones. That means everyone with a new HTC phone should expect updates in the foreseeable future.

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HTC 10 Release Date and Deals



The impressive HTC 10 smartphone was unveiled back in early April, and has been available in the US for more than a few months. However, as summer comes to a close we’re starting to see a lot of HTC 10 deals surface, including a huge one announced on August 8th. Read on for more information and the latest deals.

As expected, HTC debuted a phone that has a lot to offer and looks to be their best smartphone in years. The company struggled with the HTC One M8 and M9 in 2014-15, for offering a nearly identical design similar to what Apple and Samsung does. This year though, they have an all-new completely reinvented (yet familiar) HTC 10.

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The new and improved HTC 10 went up for pre-order the day it was announced at htc.com for select carriers, and now the site has some great deals worth considering. Here’s everything you need to know about the HTC 10 release dates, deals, pricing and more for those interested.

HTC kicked off the announcement by talking a lot about the design. Claiming the newly redesigned unibody aluminum shell was perfected through customer feedback and various polls. Some love the look on back with that big chamfered edge, others, not so much. Until we get our hands on it, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Update: On August 8th HTC confirmed some huge savings. For a limited time the HTC 10 is $100 off, costing just $599 from their online store. HTC is also giving buyers a $100 credit to use on accessories, and the JBL Reflect Aware C (USB Type-C headphones) absolutely free. That is a $199 value. So $100 off, free headphones, and $100 gift card for accessories. Quite a bit of savings, but only for a limited time.

It wasn’t until May 13th that the Sprint HTC 10 became available for $21 a month, $199 with a 2-year contract, or $624 outright. Making Sprint one of the cheapest routes to the HTC 10. It was also one of the first carriers to offer it after Verizon.

Back in May during Google IO the T-Mobile HTC 10 was released along with a pretty good HTC 10 deal. Buyers get a free second rapid charger and Ice View case for a limited time. The HTC 10 is now available from all US carriers, except AT&T. T-Mobile is asking $679.99 out right or $28.34 a month for 24 months. Read on to the “Deals” section for more details and discounts.

As expected, the new HTC 10 has top-tier specs across the board, and is actually very similar to the award-winning Galaxy S7 through and through. Featuring nearly the same specs under the hood, a different design, and some small changes. Here’s the full details. As a reminder, AT&T will not offer the HTC 1o directly.

HTC 10 Specs & Features

  • 5.2-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD SLCD5 Display
  • Quad-Core Snapdragon 820 Processor with 4GB of RAM (Like the Galaxy S7)
  • 32 or 64GB storage with a micro-SD slot for storage expansion
  • 12MP UltraPixel Rear Camera (f/1.8, 1.55um, Optical Image Stabilization)
  • 5 Megapixel Front Camera with f/1.8 aperture, OIS
  • Unibody aluminum design in three colors
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Sense UI 8.0
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • FreeStyle UI where apps, icons, or widgets can go anywhere. No longer locked to a 5×5 grid
  • 3,000 mAh battery for all-day usage, Quick Charge 3.0 Rapid Charging
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi BoomSound Speakers (Tweeter up front, sub on bottom)
  • Supports both Google Cast and Apple AirPlay
  • more

The HTC 10 has a lot going for it. A simple and beautiful design that is well-crafted and probably much more premium than the LG G5. Top tier specs across the board, a stunning new camera that just topped the Galaxy S7 in reviews and reports, and tons of power under the hood for apps, games and even music.

Yes the dual front speakers are somewhat gone, but the sound quality and crisp highs aren’t. HTC put a tweeter up top in the earpiece for great crisp highs during music or video, and a subwoofer on bottom for the lows. They each have their own amp and power source, and the phone has Hi-Fi sound. Meaning they aren’t both front facing, but don’t need to be, and our first impressions were very favorable on the speakers.

HTC 10 Release Date Details

The new HTC 10 smartphone is available to order now at HTC.com for $699, which is slightly more than the Galaxy S7, and less than the Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s a good middle ground in terms of size, and price. They do have a $100 off coupon, and most carriers will likely ask just over $600 for it.

HTC is selling a global unlocked model on its website, as well as a model that works with AT&T and another for T-Mobile. These are unlocked, without carrier bloatware and apps, which also means faster software updates. This is the best route for buyers.


The phone was officially released in early May, and has continued to be a great option. We’re now seeing deals here and there, with a big one available right now from HTC themselves.

HTC 10 Colors

The HTC 10 comes in three impressive new colors: Gold, Silver, and Charcoal. However, it appears that the US will only have Silver or Charcoal (black) available. It comes with a black front, covered entirely in Gorilla Glass. There’s also a version with 64GB of storage, a white front model and more, but those won’t be available in the US at launch. The 32GB model is the only option from carriers here in the United States.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.33.29 AM

Over the course of the next few months we could see some color-specific models arrive as carrier exclusives, or users can likely import the 64GB model if desired. That said, it has a micro-SD slot so having more storage isn’t too much of an issue. HTC also worked with carriers, their software team, and Google to offer less bloatware than other phones (we’re looking at you, LG G5) to offer a streamlined experience and more storage for owners out of the box. It also has a lot of stock Android, with far less HTC Sense in the way, which many will likely enjoy.

HTC 10 Carriers

This is the big news. The all-new HTC 10 smartphone will be available in May from Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, with no mention of AT&T. Apparently AT&T will not carry the new HTC 10.

It’s worth noting that Verizon Wireless has already confirmed they’ll be the first carrier in the US to offer the phone, ahead of the rest. And it’s available as of May 5th.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.02.58 AM

So what about those on AT&T? Well, we have good news. Technically it’s better for AT&T customers that the carrier isn’t offering it, because HTC is selling an unlocked model on HTC.com. This is unlocked, no carrier branding or bloatware, and will get software updates direct from HTC rather than jumping through carrier hoops, which often delays updates by 6-8 weeks.

The global unlocked model works on AT&T or T-Mobile, and the choices above only mean it will ship with that carriers SIM card. We’d recommend those on AT&T or T-Mobile choose this route. HTC also has interest-free financing for 12 months for those who’d rather not drop $699 outright.

HTC 10 Deals

While we’re not seeing a free VR headset or spare battery like some of the competition, as HTC doesn’t have a removable battery and won’t be giving out a HTC Vive VR, we are expecting some deals to surface. Both Samsung and LG had deals for those who pre-ordered, and as carriers make announcements be on the lookout or check back here for more information.

For a limited time the HTC 10 is $100 off at HTC.com and comes with $100 to use on accessories from their store. Click here to get started. We saw this back at the launch, and now it’s back but with a free pair of the $200 USB Type-C JBL headphones. They are free with the purchase of the HTC 10 from HTC.com.

This is about the best option right now, but as summer ends and school starts up we can expect to see even more deals surface.

UH-OH Protection

HTC’s new smartphone may not be IP68 water resistant like the Galaxy S7, but that shouldn’t be a concern for buyers. Similar to previous years, the phone will come with HTC UH-OH Protection absolutely free. Which includes one replacement at no charge within the first 12 months of ownership for a cracked screen or water damage.


This means that owners can use it without being worried about it getting dropped, damaged, or broken, because HTC will replace it with no hassle.

For now all buyers need to know is the HTC 10 has plenty to offer, a refined design, a great new user interface loaded with options, customization, themes and more. It’s rounded out by delivering a great new camera, bigger display, better battery life, expandable storage and can be yours right now.

If you are buying the HTC 10, check out our roundup of some of the best cases below.

15 Best HTC 10 Cases

HTC 10 Ice View Case

HTC 10 Ice View Case

Following the success and tradition of the popular HTC Dot View case from previous years, HTC has an all-new case for 2016 called the "Ice View Case". Rather than being a flip case with tiny dots all over that lets light shine through for quick notifications, the entire case is "iced" and glazed over, yet still see-through so owners can get information without opening a case.

The HTC Ice View combines protection for your phone with instant accessibility. With this case owners can take photos in a snap, read texts, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more without ever opening the case and exposing the device. HTC Ice View also supports 3rd party notifications like Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Double tapping the screen while the phone is off will instantly show users the time, date, battery life (the big circle) and even weather information and incoming notifications. All while still being protected by the front cover. This at-a-glance information can all be heavily themed and customized as users see fit as well.

A quick swipe will show users a text message, give access to volume and music playback controls, or even quickly launch the camera and snap photos. It's a breeze, easy to use, and a case all prior HTC owners have enjoyed.  It's still a nice case, has a HTC branded magnet to turn off the display when closed and much more. Buy one now so it's ready and waiting when the phone is released.

Buy the HTC Ice View for $49.99

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15 Best HTC 10 Cases



HTC partnered with a big group of companies and 3rd party manufacturers to make some of the best HTC 10 cases that are available right now. Owners looking to protect that bright screen or premium metal frame may want to consider one of the many cases outlined and detailed below.

We’ve round up multiple HTC 10 cases from top brands we know, trust, and have used on the Galaxy S7, HTC One M9 and more. These cases are available on Amazon, from HTC themselves, or from manufacturer websites and more.

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Like past years HTC is offering a few cases of their own, but the selection is somewhat limited. As a result top brands like Incipio, Spigen, Tauri, and countless others have filled in the gap for buyers. Below are more than a few great HTC 10 cases worth buying.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.55.05 AM

HTC announced their new phone on April 12th, but the release didn’t kick off until May 4th with Verizon, then other carriers in the following weeks. Since then multiple top brands have released entire lineups of cases. As a result buyers have huge selections to choose from. Like durable protection, thin feather cases, kickstands, wallet cases and much more.

The new 10 has a similar design as last year, but much better with refinement across the board. The dual front speakers have been moved to different locations for a sleek front without the big bezels, and average cameras or battery life are a thing of the past. We now have a capable 12 megapixel camera and a dedicated fingerprint scanner on front. These cases won’t get in the way of any features of the phone.

Now that the phone has been available for a few months at Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, cases are available everywhere. Buy it from your carrier of choice, then buy one of the many HTC 10 cases below to protect your phone. We’ve also added a unique bumper case that doesn’t cover the beautiful aluminum finish, but still adds tons of protection. Check it out below.

HTC 10 Ice View Case

HTC 10 Ice View Case

Following the success and tradition of the popular HTC Dot View case from previous years, HTC has an all-new case for 2016 called the "Ice View Case". Rather than being a flip case with tiny dots all over that lets light shine through for quick notifications, the entire case is "iced" and glazed over, yet still see-through so owners can get information without opening a case.

The HTC Ice View combines protection for your phone with instant accessibility. With this case owners can take photos in a snap, read texts, adjust the volume, switch between songs, turn on the flashlight and much more without ever opening the case and exposing the device. HTC Ice View also supports 3rd party notifications like Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more.

Double tapping the screen while the phone is off will instantly show users the time, date, battery life (the big circle) and even weather information and incoming notifications. All while still being protected by the front cover. This at-a-glance information can all be heavily themed and customized as users see fit as well.

A quick swipe will show users a text message, give access to volume and music playback controls, or even quickly launch the camera and snap photos. It's a breeze, easy to use, and a case all prior HTC owners have enjoyed.  It's still a nice case, has a HTC branded magnet to turn off the display when closed and much more. Buy one now so it's ready and waiting when the phone is released.

Buy the HTC Ice View for $49.99

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