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The OQO Model 02 Tablet PC Takes a Stand!



GBMShortcut1_0002 Like other folks who own a OQO Model 02 Tablet PC, I’ve been struggling with how to prop the Model 02 up when I want to use a full size keyboard with it or I just want to interact with the Model 02 with it sitting at an angle. The Executive Case has a stand built-in by folding the front cover backwards, but the Executive Case only supports the Standard Battery. Like many folks, I only use the Double Capacity Battery, so I’m still stuck with finding a solution to this nagging problem. So, what is a gadget nut left to do?  Don’t take “no” for answer, that’s what!

Little did I know that the solution to my problem was sitting right under my nose. Examining the removable stand that comes with the iGo Stowaway Keyboard, I found my solution. The great news is that the removable stand fits the Model 02 perfectly without adding much depth at all. It is almost a match made in heaven. Check out this 8 minute GBM Shortcut video, and watch me permanently create my new stand for the Model 02.


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