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The podcast boys are back in town…



The boys are back in town with epsisode #23 of OnTheRun with Tablet PCs. Here are the show notes:

Marc Orchant and James Kendrick are back with show #23! Bowing to our listener Andrew Robinson’s request we offer our tips and mention some caveats to running the newly released 2007 Microsoft Office system on mobile computers including Tablet PCs.  We don’t shy away from stating our opinions on the new official name of the next version of Office, either.  A couple of new utilites and program versions have been released recently and we talk about those so Tablet owners can determine if these tools are something they should take a look at.  Kevin Tofel is destroying his UMPC and we all get to watch.  Mindjet has released a Mac version of MindManager and we explain how to share maps in ink with your Mac friends.

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