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The Portable Power Station – go mobile for almost an entire day



Last week, I posted about Battery Geek’s Portable Power Station. Dennis jokingly asked if I had lost my mind. Well, when you consider how many tablet pcs I go through, and purchasing extended batteries for them, I figured this would be a huge cost savings to me. Besides, the extended battery for the UX costs $360, whereas the portabe power station costs $299.

David Ciccone got his Portable Power Station earlier this week and posts his results: over 20 hours of run time!

The big test was to see how long the Sony UX-180p would run. I started my test with the brightness set at 100% and Wifi and Bluetooth on.  The battery to my amazement ran for over  18 hours!!!!! Now thats not it, since my Portable Battery Station was actually charging my standard battery I unplugged the battery pack and I had 100% charge which allowed me to run for an additional 2.5 hours for a total of 20.5 hours!!!!

Mine arrives today and I’ll blog a little about it after using a bit.

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