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The Q1 is expanding to more retail outlets



Having participated in many discussions over the past several years in regards to retail availability of Tablet PCs, it is good to see Samsung continuing to test and expand the retail channel. After all, isn’t that the ultimate customer for the UMPC, the retail consumer?They appear to be taking a slow but deliberate approach, figuring out works / doesn’t work.

According to a press release distributed today, Samsung will soon be announcing another retail outlet, in addition to all Fry’s stores and the Best Buy’s in Texas:

The Q1 was in high demand from the moment it debuted on the Best Buy and CDW websites,” said David A. Nichols, Director, Display Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “That demand is what’s driven us to make the Q1 available at all Fry’s Electronics stores plus the Texas-based Best Buy outlets. In addition, we’ll soon be announcing yet another distributor for the Q1.”

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