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Focusing on what the Samsung Q1 was designed for, has written a review in their traditional fashion: unique photos of the Q1, along with their own perspectives on the pros / cons of the device.

The Samsung Q1 UMPC ( Ultra Mobile PC) is a small lightweight computer that gives people the convenience of the full Windows Tablet PC operating system, multiple input choices, wireless and bluetooth connections all in a lightweight package that you can take anywhere you go.

Many of the initial reviews pf the Q1 were negative because they came from from users who were not using the Q1 as it is intended which was unfair to both Samsung and to the general public.  In this review I hope to set the record straight by reviewing the Q1 as it was intended to be used.

While you can do just about anything that you can do on a full desktop or notebook computer, the UMPC is not designed or intended to be a notebook or desktop replacement.    The Ultra Mobile PC was designed for ease of mobility and convenience for people on the go who want the option and ability to work, play and stay connected from anywhere they are.

If you think you would benefit from and enjoy the convenience of having all of your desktop applications, email, MP3, Pen and Ink capabilities, GPS and other computer features all in a 1.7 pound package doesn’t weigh you down when your out and about …… read on.



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