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The QuadPad 1 Tablet PC



Robert at the Student Tablet PC is road testing the QuadPad 1 Tablet PC. The QuadPad 1 you say? Never heard of it. As Robert points out, most folks haven’t. The QuadPad1 is a slate Tablet PC and a product of a small UK company, Quadro Systems, who has previously marketed its efforts towards the automotive and logistic industries. But they are shifting gears it seems,and now marketing the QuadPad 1 to the educational market.


What’s intriguing about Quadro Systems is that they have several versions of the QuadPad available. Here are links to the product pages of the QuadPad I (8.4inch screen) the QuadPad II (10.2 semi-rugged) , and the QuadPad Ultimate (12.1 inch screen), all slate devices.

Very interesting.

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