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The Quaduro Quadpad Tablet PC



image This is an interesting Tablet PC that I haven’t seen before today.  It’s the Quadro Quadpad and it features Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G via a PC card slot.  It looks like they are making a push for the Automobile industry in their marketing with all the GPS navigation talk.  And hitting on the Automobile industry again as a ‘in shop’ learning tool.  In the Rationale section they also mention the Quadpad being used in the home as a control unit, marketing events, mobile till system, warehouse and music industry. There are multiple versions available with different configurations – Only thing missing is the Tablet PC OS, though I am sure it could be put on there.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. engy

    12/03/2012 at 4:18 am

    Quaduro is a company that “Sells” you their equipment,
    takes the payment but the product never arrives. Any further attempts to
    contact the company’s representatives are futile.

    The company’s sales person Din Kashif ([email protected]
    ) with whom we’ve been dealing with, took the payment for 25 units of V8
    product and said the product will be shipped in two week. Three months went by,
    nothing happened.

    And now they stopped responding to our
    emails. They stopped picking up the phone calls.

    We have proof of transaction and their quotation and Invoice. And also their
    conversations through email and we are in the process of taking a legal action.

    Beware and don’t waste your time, this
    company is a scam.

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