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blueLounge Sanctuary Review: Attractive Charging Station



The Sanctuary from blueLounge charges as many as 3,768 different devices thanks to the multiple charging connectors built into the charging station, but it won’t charge two of the same kind at once.

The charging station hides your charging wires in a compact and attractive solution for the night stand, desk or anywhere you like to plug in your mobile devices to top off the battery.

At the heart of The Sanctuary charging station, under the faux leather inner tray, users will find a charging hub with cables. Eleven different charging cables connect to the hub. There’s also a USB charging port for a total of twelve devices. The inner tray has a cutout at one edge so that users can fish their chosen charging cables through the cutout to charge their devices.

the sanctuary from bluelounge

The tray’s rounded corners keep user from scratching their hands while plugging in an iPhone at night. The tray rests deep enough inside the box that smaller devices won’t slide off onto the desk or night stand. The weight of The Sanctuary will keep it in place even on a slick desk or table.

I really like the concept of The Sanctuary. I charge a Samsung Galaxy Note, an iPad and a Kindle each night. Add my wife’s iPad and iPhone and we need three 30-pin chargers, something not possible with The Sanctuary. Still, one charging station makes things much less cluttered. since we plugged The Sanctuary and my wife’s iPad charger into the wall outlet instead of six charger wall warts.

the sanctuary from bluelounge inside

A better design would allow The Sanctuary to charge all my devices. The eleven cables plugged into the hub offer different shaped tips for different mobile devices.

It includes a mini-USB and a micro-USB port for universal charging. I plugged my battery backup into the mini-USB and my Samsung Galaxy Note into the micro-USB. I plugged the 30-pin connector into my iPad. Everything charged perfectly.

Sadly, I still could potentially plug nine other devices, but I don’t own any Nokia or Samsung cell phones. There’s four wasted connectors. Don’t use a Palm or LG phone either. Two more wasted connectors.

the sanctuary from bluelounge charging hub

The designers of The Sanctuary could fix this problem by offering fewer dedicated cables and more USB ports. They could use a modular approach where every cable offers the same connector and then give buyers the adapters for the various phones or PDAs.

I also wish the charging cables were just a bit longer. Plugging three devices makes the space near the cutout a bit cramped.

Despite its design choices, The Sanctuary potentially provides an attractive and useful charging solution for people who don’t own more than one or with USB chargers two of each kind of mobile device.

The Sanctuary comes in three colors, white, black and a dark wood style. It costs $129.95 but Amazon sells them for prices ranging from $85 up to $111 depending on the preferred color. If you really care about aesthetics and want to charge only a couple of different devices, then I can recommend The Sanctuary. For all others, I’d look elsewhere for a cheaper solution like the Belkin Conserve Valet.

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