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The Schmidt that Stole PC’s Christmas



Avram Piltch from Laptop Mag got a little creative and wrote what Dr. Seuss presumably would’ve written about Google Chrome OS if he were still alive and if he covered tech rather than children’s books.

Here’s a sampling of How the Schmidt Stole Christmas With Chrome OS

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All your mail and docs and even your games
Will live on a cluster on a barge in the Thames
No more drooling and tooling over new CPUs
It won’t even matter what motherboard you use…

…The Schmidt hated PCs! And he had his reasons.
Spinning hard drives, installed apps to him were both treason
It could be that his dock wasn’t centered quite right
Or the windows on his Windows were packed a little too tight
But I think the most likely explanation of all
May have been Google’s browser share was two sizes too small.

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