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The Simpsons Send up Google Glass Tonight



Like it or not, Google Glass is a hot topic of conversation, a sure fire target for satire, and even worthy of appearing in a weekly animated feature. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and you are interested in Google Glass, you might want to tune in or set your DVR, if you’re not using a second screen or planning to watch the Grammys live, to catch tonight’s episode, entitled Specs and the City. Homer Simpson and Google Glass. Even an under active imagination can picture the comic potential. Hilarity is sure to ensue based on the trailer which has Homer using Google Glass in a variety of circumstances.


Google Glass is still only available by invitation at a cost of $1500. Google promises to roll it out this year to the mass market. And there is quite a difference of opinion as to whether or not Google Glass or Wearable Computing in any category will be a success. But this truly geeky example of wearable computing is already generating controversy, as in a user being questioned for wearing his Google Glass in a Columbus, Ohio AMC cineplex and a user winning a court case because she was given a ticket for driving while using Google Glass.

You can check out the Simpsons trailer below. The episode airs on Fox at 8pm EST and is called Specs and  the City.

Too bad Google Glass users can’t watch the episode on their devices.


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