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The sound of Vista



I’ve been following some of Robert Scoble’s postings in the past six months regarding the start-up sound of Vista, so I was quite pleased to actually get to hear it on today.

It isn’t what I expected, but I actually like the start-up sound – it sounds fresh, perky, almost like a “new day”. I do agree with Scoble, though: I’d love to choose between all the other clips that Robert Fripp generated, and put on a cool jazzy or rocking startup sound on one day. What do you think of the new start up sound?


The short startup clip that was eventually chosen is meant to evoke the rhythm of the words “Win-dows Vis-ta!” and Ball hopes the sound will serve as a calling card for the operating system. It also consists of four chords — one for every color in the new Windows graphic that appears as the sound plays. It’s no coincidence that it’s also four seconds long.

There are a total of 45 Vista sounds that Microsoft has spent the last year and a half perfecting, including the dings you hear when you get a new e-mail, receive an error message, or log off your computer. Generally, these are more muted, less jarring variations of the prompts familiar to Windows XP users.

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