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The SSD vs. HDD Saga Continues – SSD Declared Battery Life King



After Tom’s Hardware released their benchmark testing, the folks over at LaptopMag decided to experiment for themselves. They saw that Tom’s Hardware’s findings were contrary to their own when they did their SSD vs. HDD test on an eee PC just a few days before Tom’s Hardware story was published. Their findings using a standard laptop: SSD’s garner better battery life under REAL WORLD CONDITIONS! LaptopMag’s test also mentioned that boot times were faster and starting applications took less time. Their summary:

Our conclusion is that, in real-world use, SSDs offer a small improvement in battery life. While this tiny improvement may not be enough to sell users on SSDs as power-saving devices, it is certainly enough to say that upgrading to SSD will not cost you any battery life and may provide you with more productive minutes as you wait shorter periods of time for programs to load or for your system to boot.

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