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The Surface Power Cable Recall & How to Get Another Cable



Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Pro tablets have may have revolutionized the way we think of tablets, but they aren’t beyond having issues too. The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book that the company released last year had more than a few software issues that have been ironed out with software updates. It turns out that the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2 devices had a somewhat serious issue too. Their power cables can be become frayed and stop working correctly. That’s why Microsoft revealed a Surface Power Cable Recall program a few weeks ago.

The Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3

The company is providing owners of previous generation Surface devices with an all-new power cable at no charge to them. What’s more, the company says that it has designed the program in a way to make switching out the power cables as hassle free as possible.

Surface Power Cable Recall: What You Need to Know

Before rushing over to your Surface to unplug it, there’s some things that you need to know about the recall. First, Microsoft says that the recall doesn’t actually affect every Surface device it has ever sold. Instead, the cord issue is directly related to the enhanced Power Cable that it included in early Surface Pro devices. The Surface Pro is Microsoft’s answer to high-end tablets and ultrabooks like the MacBook.

It’s not the cable that connects to the Surface itself that has an issue, but the part of the cable that plugs directly into the outlet. That early cable can fry because of the stress it’s constantly being put under if your power cord sits at an angle. Microsoft is replacing this part of the cable on the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and some Surface Pro 3 devices.

Newer cables in the Surface line have a bulb that connects to the wall socket and keeps it from fraying. The company says that it already made the updated cable available in new Surface Pro 3 purchases. Those without the new cable quality for the recall. All Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 devices qualify.

Surface Power Cable Recall: How to Claim Your Replacement

Microsoft says that everyone who qualifies can simply register on its recall website and get their new Surface Power Cable delivered. Registering for the Surface Power Cable Recall website is pretty easy. You’ll need the ID number of the Surface Pro you’re ordering a replacement cable for. You’ll also need your Microsoft Account credentials. Look underneath your Surface’s kickstand for the required ID number.

Some recalls require that you send an old part back in exchange for access to a new part that fixes whatever issue you’re having. That isn’t so with this Surface Power Cable recall. Anyone that qualifies for the replacement doesn’t have to send their old cable back. Mostly, that’s because the cables can have issues even if you can’t see it them fraying from the outside.

Everyone gets a single Surface Power Cable free of charge, though Microsoft says it’ll still offer the new power cable for purchase if users need another.

surface power cable

While Microsoft is encouraging users to ditch the cables that qualify for the Surface Power Cable Recall immediately, it’s a good idea to hang on to any power cable that’s functioning until its replacement arrives. That’s because Microsoft says that it’ll take anywhere between seven and ten business days to get the new power cable delivered to your door.

Ordinarily, you’d be able to return a Surface still within its warranty or under a Microsoft Complete Warranty directly to a Microsoft Store and skipping shipping altogether. That’s not the case with this Surface Power Cable Recall. Microsoft says that users must claim the replacement power cable at it’s recall website.

Good luck getting your Surface Power Cable replaced and your Surface Pro in general.



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