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The Tablet PC Show Podcast #36



Perry Reed has released the next edition of “The Tablet PC Show“, podcast # 36 of Tablet PC news and info. Here is the outline:

News and Updates:

  • HP announces a new tablet, the tc4400, which is a convertible style device and apparently an update to the tc4200.
  • Word 2007 is going to support blogging directly from within the application. And OneNote 2007 will, too.
  • Updates are available for GeckoTip and Grab And Drag for Firefox users.
  • The DualCor cPC will be shipping soon, but without WiFi or Bluetooth or 3G cell phone radios built in.
  • A Korean company called NAVIsis has released an attachment that turns any monitor into a touchscreen.
  • has published a great article with tips and tricks for tweaking your UMPC.
  • Sony has announced the Vaio UX, a micro PC that is not a UMPC.
  • Samsung releases some performance numbers for their new hybrid flash memory / hard drives.
  • Samsung has also announced the Q1-SSD UMPC which replaces the hard drive with a 32GB flash memory drive. It’s fast, but pricey.
  • Microsoft has filed patents for using UMPCs to control home appliances.
  • Microsoft has also released the beta 2 version of Office 2007, including Outlook 2007 and OneNote 2007 to the public.
  • After the news and updates, I announce my own personal news: I’ve bought a new Tablet PC to replace my existing one.
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