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The Tablet PCs and UMPCs that Have My Eye ( and Pocketbook! )



question I go through a lot of Tablet PCs and UMPCs. Sometimes I use an evaluation Tablet PC for an extended period of time. Other times, I’ll like a device so much, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and fork the dough over.

Although a choice of tablet pcs is a very personal one, I still get asked a lot about what I would buy today. So, here is my short list. Take it for what it is – my list. Do your own research, watch our InkShows, and make the necessary decisions based upon your own personal needs.

  • I purchased the HP 2710p Tablet PC several weeks ago and I’m still very happy with it, despite some short-comings like the 4200rpm harddrive, lack of on-screen buttons, and too-easy-to-eject pen. In fact, I bought it sight-unseen and I have not regretted the decision one bit. The WXGA screen represents a wonderful compromise between XGA and the hard-to-get SXGA screen; plus the performance is much snappier than one would think. The over-all design and light-weight goes a long way in making up for its weaknesses. At $1749, the 2710p represents a great buy ( affiliate link ). Watch the InkShow here.
  • I’m still using the Lenovo multi-mode active digitizer / touch based X61 Tablet PC that is on evaluation loan to me. I’d still drop my own money on that tablet pc any day of the week, despite the shipping time issues that continue to plague Lenovo. To choose between the 2710p and the X61 would be difficult. You can purchase the X61 Tablet PC at up to $520 off right now ( affiliate link ). Watch our InkShows here and here.
  • Fujitsu’s T2010 and its gorgeous screen made me question my decision to go with the 2710p – at least for a few hours. The keyboard, lack of a screen latch, and traditional laptop look / feel, pushed me back to the 2710p, though. That said, folks won’t go wrong at all with the T2010, and for many folks, it might make a better choice than the 2710p. Watch our InkShow here.
  • I also purchased the OQO Model 02 Tablet PC with my own money, and it remains the best ultra-mobile pc I’ve used to date. Sure, it has issues like a loud fan and a commanding price, but the size, keyboard, and integrated WWAN, make it a fantastic choice for ultra-mobile computing. I frequently have my Model 02 mounted in my car using Proclip USA mounts, taking the mobility aspect even further. Although there are some more cost-effective and well-designed UMPCs out there, I have yet to find one yet that I continue to use day-in and day-out like I do with the Model 02. Watch our InkShow on the OQO here.
  • If I were to buy a slate Tablet PC today, it would be a toss up between Motion Computing’s SXGA LE1700 and TabletKiosk’s Sahara i440D. Both are compelling solutions and fantastic slate Tablet PCs. Watch both InkShows here and here.

So, that is my short list on what has my eye and what I have bought and would buy with my own money – today. Ask me again in October when Dell releases their tablet pc and see if I still feel the same way.

What would you buy today and why?

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