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The Toddy Cleans My iPad Screen in Style – Stylish Cleaning Cloth



Named for its creator and not an old-fashioned hot drink, The Toddy is a simple microfiber cleaning cloth for touch screens and other special surfaces that don’t do well when wiped with typical cloths that could scratch.

The Toddy microfiber cleaning cloth

There isn’t too much to a microfiber cleaning cloth. If it cleans it’s a win and if it doesn’t it’s a fail. Price is one way to differentiate yourself from the crowd, but with The Toddy, they chose to go a different route – class! The Toddy looks almost like a pocket square to match a man’s necktie on one side. The other side is a traditional microfiber cleaning cloth. The two are stitched together.

The Toddy Packaging

Look at the packing above with the strange looking paper hand holding the cloth to the paper iPad. The packaging alone tells you something is different. When I first removed it from its packaging and used it without reading the instructions, I thought that while it looked nice, I’d never pay $10 for a cloth, just because it looks nicer. Then as I used it there was a slight problem. The decorative surface was also slick, making it hard to hold onto the cloth. My thoughts turned from thinking it was over-priced to thinking it was useless.

Then I read the directions and realized that both surfaces could be used to clean the touchscreen. So I turned over The Toddy and cleaned using the pretty side and found out what makes this cloth better. The slick pretty side actually cleans better than the traditional soft side. The soft side is like most microfiber cloths. It kind of grabs your skin a little. That makes it easier to grip. The slick side cleaned the grime off my iPad screen better than the soft side. It looks nice and works great! The question is how long will it look nice if you keep using it to clean gross and grimy screens? You can wash it in the laundry.

Toddy Screen Cleaning Cloth Demo Video

After using The Toddy awhile we learned that the trick is to clean the screen with the slick side to get the day-to-day smudges off the iPad. When you want a thorough clean, we use the soft side along with some cleaning solution made for touch screens. Just turn one corner over so you can grip the cloth. The combo is great. After the wet cleaning we flip it over to the decorative side for a final dry cleaning and the result is a shiny and clean iPad screen.

It works on any touch screen or other computer screens. I’ve cleaned my iPhone, Nook Color, Kindle, and laptop screens. The 5×7 inch cloth is $9.99 and comes in a lot of patterns. See a few below:

The Toddy comes in many patterns

The Toddy comes in many patterns

You can even have The Toddy branded with a company or organization name to give away as gifts.

We still think that you can get by cheaper with a simple cloth like the Mobile Cloth reviewed at our sister site, However, for cleaning in style, The Toddy is a good long-lasting option and branding makes it a nice advertising gift.

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