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The Turtle Beach Elite 800X is Xbox One’s Audio Savior



Xbox One owners who want good sound, but have terrible speakers in their television haven’t been able to do much besides purchase an Xbox Headset Adapter itself or a wired headset that already comes with the adapter. All of that’s about to change though. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas accessories maker Turtle Beach showed off the Turtle Beach Elite 800X, a wireless headset that comes complete with active noise cancelling technology.

When it goes on sale soon the Turtle Beach Elite 800X will finally allow Xbox One owners to listen to what’s going on in their games or apps without having to carry around their Xbox One wireless controller in their pocket aground the house. Thanks to active noise cancellation, users should find that they’re able to hear more of what’s coming from their console and less of their noisy surroundings.

Turtle Beach Elite 800X

In addition to being compatible with the Xbox One, the Turtle Beach Elite 800X also supports Bluetooth pairing with tablets, PCs and smartphones. This noise cancellation will work whether users are connected to a console or their mobile device. To keep the clean audio flowing the headset switches to different frequencies. There’s surround sound built-into both of the speakers. On the outside of those speaker cups are customizable plates for a bit of customization.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800X is essentially two big speakers for your ears with a band that meets in the middle. Hidden in each chassis are microphones. The headset is rechargeable and comes with a stand that perfectly shows off the device and gives it a power boost.

To be clear, Turtle Beach announced more than one Elite premium headset this week at CES. The second, is the Turtle Beach Elite 800 for Sony’s PS4 video game console. Both have the same features and come with a Turtle Beach Elite Membership free of charge. Elite gives users a two-year warranty, improved product support, a Twitch Trial membership, two of those customizable speaker plates, discounts on other purchases and a membership card.

The Turtle Beach Elite 800 for the PS4 is available for order but sold out already at Amazon for $299. The Xbox One version – the Turtle Beach Elite 800X has a page on Amazon, but isn’t ready for purchase. Users who choose to can be notified of the headset’s launch.


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