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The Ultimate UMPC a Windows Mobile Device?



Steve Laser of Mobility Site feels the ultimate UMPC is the HTC Advantage, a Windows Mobile device. He lays out some really good arguments: battery life, HSDPA support, display, GPS, and more.

What say you mobile pc community? Is Steve spot on or is he drinking the HTC / Windows Mobile kool-aid?

And I think I found the Ultimate UMPC.  Ok, it’s technically not a UMPC, but it can outperform any UMPC.  I would have trouble naming one UMPC that packs so many features into one unit and performs so many functions well.  It fits in a pocket (barely), has HSDPA, Bluetooth, WiFi B & G, GPS, onboard USB 1.1 hosting, 3MP camera, 5″ VGA touchscreen running at 640 x 480, ATI graphics, an 8 GB microdrive and much more.  The OS?  Windows Mobile 6.  (I am not actually going to review the unit.  There are many excellent reviews already.  My intention is merely to show how the Advantage bests the UMPCs in their own arena).

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