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The Vermont Law School Blog: The Tablet PC- Green Technology That Is Less Distracting In Class



Neat article from the Vermont Law School Blog about the benefits of using Tablet PCs in class from a “green” or environmentally friendly (killing less trees for paper) perspective, and also the fact that in slate mode, professors can see students faces again.

The “green” side to my Tablet PC is that since I am taking handwritten notes in class using the digital pen on the PC screen, I will not be using paper. When I write, my handwriting is fairly large and messy so, I like to re-write my notes for clarity. This used to mean having lots of wasted paper. Not anymore!  Moreover, if I want to “erase” something when writing, I click on the eraser icon and rub out the error with my digital pen. Also, with one quick click, actually the correct terminology is “tap” of my digital pen (you click a mouse you tap this pen) I can add blank space in between my existing writing if I want to add in some extra notes that belong there.

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