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The Victum Tablet 8 Rugged UMPC



This looks rough and ready to rumble. Acturion Datasys has released the new outdoor Victum-Tablet 8 UMPC which is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. Of course the press release touts the usual resistant to dropping, temperature, shock, dust and water claims we see in all rugged mobile units. There are two battery options, an enhance option promises up to 7hrs and a slim pack option up to 4hrs and the unit can be operated via touch or with a pen on an active digitizer. You switch between modes with a button press. There is a an on the bezel numeric keypad as well.  If this sounds familiar and the picture looks familiar, it is reminding me a lot of the Mobile Demand Rugged Tablet PC we took a look at awhile back.


Via Tablet PC Talk via Engadget

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