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The Video Aggregation Tools Keep on Coming with ShowYou



As we said yesterday about web video, everyone is betting on it being the future. (Read that as betting that they can make a lot of money from that future.) That everyone includes hardware makers, content producers (except for those trying to protect current business models), the broadband providers, and well, those who want to make software that make it easier for you to view that video. Yesterday we linked to info on Squrl and today comes ShowYou.

ShowYou is a video aggregator that lets you grab videos from Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and TED. That’s at launch.  I would assume they’ll want to increase that capability because yesterday’s entrant, Squrl, already allows users to gather up Netflix and Hulu if they subscribe to those services. At the moment ShowYou is focused on video content that can be displayed in HTML5 because, well, at the moment it is iOS based. That of course means it had to be out of the box read to go with AirPlay and it is.

ShowYou works like a lot of other aggregators in this everything must be shared social age. As you scroll through the videos available what you see is based a lot on what your friends like, view, etc… in much the same way that some of the RSS and Twitter aggregators (like Flipboard) are doing.

I would also imagine that we’ll see other entrants in this genre of App and like most things folks will settle on what works best for them depending on how they want to view their video and what sources they will use.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    04/13/2011 at 8:34 pm

    The Showyou 2D Grid is awesome.
    You can swipe thru up to 1,000 videos laid out in the grid in any direction, even diagonally.
    It’s just mesmerizing watching a mozaic of videos passing by.

    Check out my quick review with comparison on how Showyou looks like on both iPad and iPhone here:

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