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The Wacom Cross Executive Pen – A Must-Have Tablet PC Accessory



Sometimes we go about our business on GottaBeMobile and forget to talk about some things that a lot of us “veterans” just know. One of those items is considered a “must-have” for Tablet PC users: the Wacom Cross Executive Pen, sometimes referred to as the Penabled Executive Pen. Simply put, it brings elegance and class to your digital handwriting experience.

I’ve been using a Cross Penabled pen for as long as they’ve been out. Mine is the capless one, and I absolutely love using it. Most people I’ve spoken with prefer the capless one, too, so they don’t have to keep up with the cap. Plus the capless one has a clip built right on to the pen.

If you want to move passed the pen that came with your Tablet PC, I’d highly encourage you to check out the Cross pens. Both the capless and the capped pens are pictured below and can be purchasd from Amazon ( affiliate links ) for $42.99 and $43.95 respectively. The capped one is running short on stock, but the last I checked, there was plenty of stock on the capless one.

For those who are interested, I produced an InkShow on various Tablet PC pens, and covered the Cross pen, the Lenovo pen, the Motion pen, etc.

Wacom Penabled Capless PenWacom Cross Penabled Capped Pen

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