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The Wow Pen



Pen and paper solutions seem to be proliferating lately. We saw a number of this type of solution at CES 2008. I’ve been working with Adapx’s Capturx system for awhile now are really enjoy it, and Sierra is prepping some info on the EPOS pen for future posts.

Here’s another solution that I’ve just stumbled across: The Wow Pen. (At the moment the direct link to the Wow Pen site seems to be having trouble, but here’s the link I picked up at Mobility Site and more on

The Wow Pen switches back and forth between Pen and mouse mode with the touch of a button, and uses a USB clip that attaches to the paper you are writing on. No special paper here, the info is stored in the USB clip.

What’s intriguing about what appears to be a sudden upsurge in these type of solutions, is that there seems to be a need for Inking solutions beyond, or in conjunction with Tablet PCs, and of course the size of a pen (whether with a proprietary paper solution or not) is much smaller than a full-sized Tablet PC. I would hope some UMPC makers would be paying attention to this.

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