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These are the Best of Times



For the mobile user, these are the best of times.

Never before has connectivity to data been so accessible. We can email, SMS, IM, get to documents, access PIM data, consume media in a multitude of forms and from a multitude of sources, access changing data like weather and GPS, flight info, etc. And, we can do all of that from a multitude of devices: tethered phones, smartphones, mobile internet devices like the Touch iPod, N800, Pepperpad, etc; WWAN integrated mobile computers like laptops, tablet pcs, ultra-mobile pcs; pc card based WWAN enabled wireless routers, and so on, and so on. 

As an example, I’m typing this article on a 5″ WWAN enabled, Vista based OQO Model 02 from the waiting area at an airport. I’ve already fixed a few client issues via Remote Desktop, checked email, checked my RSS feeds using Google Reader, jotted down a few ink notes, wrote a GBM article, worked on a mind map for the GBM staff meeting, and sent invoices using Quickbooks – and I didn’t have to connect to an unsecure WiFi network to do any of it.

Come up with a connectivity need, and there is likely a device and software service already developed to fill that need at a reasonable cost. These are definitely good times. And to think, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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