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I’ve been pretty vocal about my disappointment in touchscreen technology as a primary tool for inking.  I just do not like it.  Every time I try it it feels awkward and limiting to me after all the years of using an active digitzer.  I enjoy the touch experience for navigation and object manipulation, but really dislike the ink experience.

Tracy Hooten, the full time college student who runs gave it her best shot.  She tried using the Samsung Q1 as her primary tool in college for notetaking and general schoolwork.  I really like her one comment about returning to an active digitizer:

“I felt like I was writing on a cloud when I went back to my Tablet PC with the active digitizer.”

Amen, and amen Tracy.  That says it so well for me also!  Check out Tracy’s whole story on this experiment!  She has lots of good info on what seemed to work, what did not seem to work.

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