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They call me WinMo, they call me Seven, that’s not my… oh wait




"What's in the box?"

WMExperts has a big rundown on all the goodies planned for Windows Mobile 7, including that it might be called simply “Seven.”

I’m not sure if that’s something they heard, or if the Experts are just using that as a placeholder, but as one commenter on jkOnTheRun has already pointed out, it’s not a great name for search engines (though I’m sure they could get top ranking in Bing). Also, it strikes me as odd that Microsoft would break the Windows branding for a name that will be obsolete with the next version.

Aside from that, they have a good rundown of the supposed Business and Media versions and info on the LG Apollo and HTC Obsessions, reportedly the first phones to run Seven. The big question for me is whether they’ll run with what they did with Zune 2.0, at least on the Media version, and/or let the Danger guys cut loose. I’m an iPhone/iPod guy, but that Zune UI is beautiful. They need something that good or better to fight back against the newer, sleeker operating systems.

Via jkOnTheRun

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zeuxidamas

    01/20/2010 at 5:39 am

    My hope is that the OS maintains its business-functionality and its speed. If they are doing two variants, that’s fine. If they are going to load it down with a bunch of media-focused crap, hopefully they will keep it on the media-version. I use my WinMo phone for business. I need it for primarily text-based apps, MS Office integration, PDF viewing, communcations, and inking. While all of the media-centric capacitive-screen phones are nice (iPhone, Pre,Droid), it seems to me that they are always bogged down by all of the eye-candy. For the last 3 years, I have carried a WinMo phone during the week and an eye-candy phone on the weekends. By far, my WinMo phone has been snappier; more responsive. Not to say that they have not had their own problems. But my fear is that in reading between the lines and listening to a lot of the media, MS is being encouraged to make another of these eye-candy-fat media-centric phones in order to compete with the iPhone/Pre/Droid. I hope that’s not the case, or at least I hope they do not abandon their business-oriented functionality and speed under Win7 Mobile. I lean heavily on all of my memos, word docs, and spreadsheets that I have on my WinMo phone, and I have found interacting with these formats on the other smartphones (with the exception of Blackberry’s; they’re not slow, they just render too little of the docs on the screen at one time; memos are ok) to be a chore. Memos are painful simply because none of the other phones support inking directly. I guess I’ll standby and see how this turns out.
    – Vr/Zeux..>>

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