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With news yesterday that Dennis Moore, OQO’s CEO, has moved on to greener pastures and that co-founder / chairman Andy Popell is taking over CEO duties, people are wondering what’s happening at OQO.

When will we finally see a Model 03? What effect, if any, are netbooks having on OQO’s business? What are Mr. Popell’s plans for OQO and how does that strategy differ from their former CEO? Does he see a broadening of the line or a continued focus on a single product offering? Will Mr. Popell integrate himself into the community like Mr. Moore did? People found it very refreshing to have that kind of access to the CEO and I’m sure Mr. Moore received much more benefit. I hope Mr. Popell sees the value and will continue that practice.

OQO’s Model 02 is hands-down the best ultra-portable device I’ve ever used. I took the Model 02 places I would never take a netbook, and it offered so much more functionality than a netbook: active digitizer, embedded EVDO, 64 gb SSD, pocketable, thumbable, and much more. That said, OQO has certainly got to be feeling the impact of netbook pricing, and it has to be causing them to adjust their strategy. If I were an IT manager looking to implement a Model 02 in to my organization, I would probably experiment some with netbooks first. Then, I would take a look at the pain points and see if a higher priced / more functional unit like a Model 02 would address those pain points. That kind of approach has to be going on with many companies considering an OQO type of device.

What about you, the ultra-portable pc comunity? What kind of questions do you have for OQO and Mr. Popell?

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