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Third Man 45 Case Protects iPhone 4S with a Vinyl Record



How would you like to carry around your 21st century tunes (files on your iPhone) in a case made from something originally invented back in the 19th century? The Griffin Third Man 45 (as in 45 rpm records) iPhone 4S Case uses a real 7″ vinyl record, which has been custom-cut and fit into a protective case for your iPhone 4S.

iPhone cases can get pretty boring, but something like this will not only generate some conversation, but will also likely do a decent job of protecting your phone. A shame that you can’t easily, in a pinch, actually play part of the tune embedded in your case.

Here’s the promo video for the cases:

As you can see they come in three styles. Each of them features the black 45 vinyl record with a yellow label. The cases comes with three accent colors – white, yellow and black. The case snaps onto your iPhone 4S and includes all the cutouts for the camera, buttons and ports. I’d bet that vinyl might do a good job of protecting the delicate glass back of the phone.

Griffin Technology Third Man Vinyl Record Case

The cases actually come from real records. The black case has a record from The Raconteurs song Steady As She Goes, a single that comes from their Broken Boy Soldiers album. The white case has the song Candy Cane Children from The White Stripes and the yellow has Treat Me Like Your Mother from The Dead Weather. If you could, somehow, manage to actually put the cases themselves on a turntable and scratch the vinyl portion with a record player needle, you’d hear snippets of the songs.

I’m not a vinyl fan, but these cases have a kind of coolness to them for lovers of retro styling. The cases will be $19.99 from Griffin Tech.

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