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Thoughtfix and His Mobile Gadget Car MOD



Well, just when you think you have seen it all…  Thoughtfix comes up and trumps it! What is it??  He calls it a 2NITS – Two Nokia Tablets and an iPod Touch.  This is what is in the car:

  • Nokia 770 Internet Tablet running Carman
  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet running Navicore
  • iPod touch playing music
  • Motorola Q
  • Harman Kardon Drive+Play (attached to the iPod mini in the glove compartment – not used for the video)
  • And I thought I was cool and innovative with my Asus R2H mounted in the dash for a GPS device…  Check out the video below! Also, check out his site for a link to some photos of the mod.

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