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Thumbumper: Simple Mobile Joystick for iPhone Gaming



The Thumbumper is a simple gadget that’ll make gaming on smartphones and tablets a lot more enjoyable. We’ve seen other joysticks that stick on touch screens, but the Thumbumper is simpler and doesn’t obscure much of the display. Most importantly, it looks very mobile.

While mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, controlling virtual characters, cars and other objects on touchscreens can be an exercise in frustration.

Virtual directional pads, joysticks and other gaming controls can be difficult to use without glancing down at them in the middle of playing since they don’t provide any tactile feedback. As its name imples, the Thumbumper acts as a bumper to keep your thumbs from sliding away from the controls mid-game.

thumbbumper iphone joystick

The ThumbBumper keeps your thumbs on the controls.

As photos at show, the Thumbumper sticks on any smooth surface. Just stick it over your favorite game’s D-pad and you’re good to go. You can stick it on the back of your smartphone or tablet when not in use.

Thumbumpers are available in three sizes to accomodate different games and devices. The small size has a diameter of .875″, the medium measures in at 1″ and the large Thumbumper, designed for tablets, comes in at 1.25″.

Pricing is reasonable, ranging from $7.99 to $9.99 depending on size. iPhone gamers can choose from six colors. A pair may be preferable for some games.

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