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tiltpod Review: Key Chain Tripod & Stand for the iPhone



The tiltpod offers a nearly perfect key chain tripod and stand for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, a small point-and-shoot camera or and many other small gadgets.

I love the mobility, the price and the functionality of this great little accessory from gomite.

Born out of a frustration with bulky pocket tripods, the tiltpod is a small, pocketable tripod that doubles as a stand for the iPhone.

The titlpod has a small magnetic base with a rubber bottom that grips to most surfaces and doesn’t skid. I tried to slide my camera as it rested on the base and the base wouldn’t slide across the wooden table. That’s a good thing, especially when the the tripod is perched on a fence, hood of a car or on rocks while hiking.

tiltpod on my iphone 4s

The magnet integrated into the base grabs the three attachments and holds on tight. Its strong enough to not fall off easily, yet you can quickly detach your phone or camera.

I’m not crazy about the bright green color on the bottom of the base, but that’s minor. When you’re using it you won’t see it anyway. I wish the tiltpod had a detachable keychain so it is easier to remove keys when using it to take a photo.

tiltpod viewing stand

The tiltpod comes with three magnetic attachments.

One is a small disk that you can stick to almost anything. Remove the paper side to expose the glue. I put it on my ZeroChroma iPhone 4S case (see above) so I could use the tiltpod on my iPhone without removing my case.

Another attachment is a small channel that holds an iPhone without a case.

The third attachment screws into the mount on the bottom of any camera so you can quickly pop your little point-and-shoot on the tiltpod. It won’t hold a DSLR or larger compact camera (see the image below).

tiltpod on my point-and-shoot camera

To angle your camera or iPhone, just swivel it around as it rest on the base. The magnet will hold on but let you move it freely.

tiltpod attached to my keys

The tiltpod comes with a wrist strap that you can attach to the base and the iPhone attachment has a small loop for a string to attach it to something so you won’t lose it. I connected it to my keys so it’s always present and ready for me to attach to my iPhone. The magnet on the base grabs the iPhone attachment and doesn’t easily fall off. I carried it on my keys by attaching the tiltpod base to the iPhone attachment and it never fell off. In fact it grabbed my other keys sometimes making it hard to pull out my keys to unlock my door.

In addition to working as a camera tripod on your phone or point-and-shoot, you can also use it to hold your iPhone while you watch video, show off some images or use video chat – anything you might want to use your iPhone hands free.

I think you’ll be happy with the tiltpod, it works simply and costs next to nothing.

The tiltpod is available on Amazon for $14.95.

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