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Tim Cook Wants More Secrecy, Apple Products Made in America



Tim Cook had revealed some interesting tidbits in his interview at the All Things D conference and his vision for Apple. In his candid chat with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of the publication, Cook says that he wants to bring transparency to Apple while at the same time preserving the secret culture that surrounding products and product launches that has made Apple so successful as a hype machine. Cook also expresses hope that some future products will be made in America.

Maintaining of product secrecy has helped Apple garner a lot of hype and press coverage surrounding its product, and it should come as no surprise that Cooke says he wants to ‘double down on secrecy’ surrounding its products in the face of stiff competition from Android rivals. Apple has several on-going patent suits against various Android manufacturers in various parts of the world claiming that these Android hardware manufacturers have infringed on its intellectual property. As such, secrecy about product development would be a necessity moving forward until Apple announces products as to not give away some of its competitive advantage.

That said, Cook says that he wants Apple to be more transparent. Given that the company and its manufacturing partner Foxconn had undergone public and governmental scrutiny over environmental issues in the past and more recently with issues related to employment, human rights, and working conditions, Cook wants there to be transparency moving forward, which is a good thing.

And sitting on its stockpile of cash, Cook wants to bring some jobs home to America where it is reasonably feasible to do so. Apple was criticized for having outsourced a lot of its manufacturing to China, where Foxconn’s factories are. Cook wants to remedy that and also highlights that many components for the iPhone are made in the U.S.–the glass is made in Kentucky, the A4 and A5 CPUs are made in Samsung’s Texas facilities, and hopefully, in the future, products may be even assembled in the good U.S.A.


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