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Tim Tebow Heads to Super Bowl Thanks to T-Mobile



Though former American football quarterback Tim Tebow may not be in the Super Bowl, thanks to a cleverly designed T-Mobile U.S. TV ad, the athlete will be there promoting the UN-carrier campaign. T-Mobile, which launched the UN-carrier initiative with its contract-free plans and was quickly emulated by rivals, is using Tebow to show the possibilities that can be achieved without having to stick to or sign a contract.

Like T-Mobile U.S., Tebow also is without a contract in the NFL.

“Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I’ve done so much this year,” Tebow said.

Wearing many hats in the commercial, Tebow shows what he can do without a contract, including becoming a championship chess player to chasing Big Foot and delivering babies.

tebowThe commercial is quite whimsical and has a lot of charm. It will definitely be interesting to see what other technology and mobile companies have planned as far as advertising and marketing goes during the big game on television.

“Contracts hold you back,” Tebow commented, further highlighting T-Mobile’s contract-free initiatives.

T-Mobile started a mobile industry revolution in the States at a time when consumers were paying high prices for data and signing a contract for two years in exchange for a discounted, or subsidized, pricing on their smartphone hardware purchase. T-Mobile paved the way to show consumers that if they paid for their smartphones out right at full retail pricing–or through interest-free payments–they can actually save money in the long run on their monthly plans. Additionally, unlike its rivals at the time, T-Mobile also didn’t require users on this new plan to sign a two-year agreement.

Given the popularity of the UN-carrier movement, rivals such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint offered similar plans and promotions to stay competitive.



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