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Timberman Cheats Offer High Scores for Next Flappy Bird



Timberman is the most addicting and frustrating iPhone and Android game since Flappy Bird, and it’s not just another Flappy Bird clone. If you need a high score or want more characters there are already Timberman cheats to help you get there faster.

Instead of flapping some odd creature through pipes, Timberman is a new simple and addicting game that recreates the fun and frustration of tap, tap, tapping your way through increasingly difficult levels, while you race against the clock.

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Timberman is easy to start playing, but you’ll need to work on your timing and speed to move past the first two levels. Instead of flapping through tougher openings you need to switch between sides of a tree to avoid limbs as you chop down an endless tree.

Timberman cheats help users get a Timberman high score without all the work.

Timberman cheats help users get a Timberman high score without all the work.

After spending 5 minutes playing Timberman you’ll either uninstall it or be hopelessly addicted to going farther before a limb kills your lumberjack or you run out of time.

Watch the Timberman app in action in the video below to see how far you can go when you know what you’re doing and get your timing down right. As you get a higher score you can share on Twitter, to challenge your friends, or to simply brag that you scored higher than 20 chops.

Timberman includes 10 Timbermen that you can unlock when you advance and four environments that change as you plan and advance.

Use Timberman cheats to get a better score on this addictive new game.

Use Timberman cheats to get a better score on this addictive new game.

Download Timberman for iPhone and iPad for free on the App Store. Download Timberman for Android free form the Google Play Store.

Simply put, Timberman is a fun and addictive that delivers the appeal of the original Flappy Bird thanks to perfectly balanced timing and levels that elicit groans and excitement equally.  Timberman reviews rang from “This is the next flappy bird!!” to Incredibly Lame and Unentertaining,” which sums up the love it or hate it nature of these types of games.

“Honestly the most fun game I’ve found since flappy bird. It’s incredibly addicting and unlockable characters makes it more fun.” – Dhjvbttth

“I love it. It’s a great way to waste you time. The soundtrack is awesome and also has a creepy heart pounding feel to it.” – AvianAnarchy

“The next Flappy Bird Nails that perfect mix of simplistic controls and difficult-to-master gameplay.” – Shane O’Donnell

“Weirdly entertaining Could do with a lot less ads though. When you have IAP, why force ads at the same time?” – Asim Aryal

Aside from Timberman crashes on some Android devices the biggest complaint is the number of ads. After you complete a run through Timberman you’ll see an ad, which is easy to tap as you try to get to the next level. There are no in-app purchases in Timberman for iPhone and iPad, but on Android you can unlock all Timberman characters and remove ads forever with a payment.

Timberman Cheats & Hacks

Some Timberman cheats allowed users to use any of the Timberman characters without unlocking them through gameplay, as shown in the video below.

Unfortunately this and other Timberman cheats appears closed. If you have not updated you may still be able to use this Timberman cheat to use other players.

If you are jailbroke you can use Timberman cheats to get a higher score. This will not hack the gameplay, but you can use this Timberman hack to enter your own high score.

You’ll need an iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak and iFile to edit the file that Timberman stores your high score in. There’s no prize for a high score, but that won’t likely stop users from relying on Timberman cheats and hacks to get a higher score to show in GameCenter and on Twitter.

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