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Time Spent on a Mobile Equivalent to Time Spent for News Reading



A new survey released by eMarketer shows that people spend on average the same amount of time on their mobile handsets as they do for reading newspapers and magazines. Per day, on average, consumers spend about 50 minutes on their mobile devices, 30 minutes reading a newspaper, and 20 minutes thumbing through a magazine.

Mobile usage, however, still trail other forms of media. People spend about 4.5 hours watching TV and over 1.5 hours listening to the radio.

With people caught plunking their heads into cell phones, should the industry promote an even more immersive cell phone user experience to get users even more drawn into the small screen? Or should the industry gravitate towards the Windows Phone 7 paradigm in trying to get people into their phones, and out of their phones and back to their lives as quickly as possible?

The claim of Windows Phone 7’s marketing campaign is to deliver information to users efficiently so they can do what they need to do on their mobiles and then return to their lives, and it’s a paradigm and philosophy that Nokia is looking into for both its Symbian and MeeGo platforms.

As smartphone adoption continues to grow, people will spend, on average, even more time on their mobile phones. With faster mobile broadband data speeds afforded by 3G and 4G data networks, the mobile Internet will allow subscribers to replace TV, magazines, books, and newspapers while on the go, as users can stream Internet video, read news online, and visit popular blogs for the latest news, rumors, and gossip.

Via: TechCrunch

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