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Tip from the Forum: Hide the TIP in Vista



A thread was started in the forums about the ability to hide the TIP while docked.  Well, turns out there is something that will do that, not only in a dock, but anytime you aren’t using the Pen for input.  I think this might be something that many people don’t know, so I wanted to pass this along to all the readers:

Forum member Malorkus posted this tip about the TIP

In the TIP’s Tools menu, under “Options” you can uncheck the box “Show the Input Panel when the pen is out of range”.  Then the TIP’s tab only shows up if the pen is near the screen, which doesn’t happen if you’re using a mouse.

Give it a try – I did and think it’s a nice feature for Vista!!  Also, Warner confirms that it also works on his UMPC’s – but with a tap on the screen – so passive digitizers should be good to go with this as well.

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