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Titanfall Beta Begins As Users Scrounge for Codes



It’s only been a day since the Titanfall Beta, a small server and network test of the upcoming first-person shooter that’s expected to boost sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One, opened up to users. So far the reaction has been great. At least, the reaction to Titanfall has been great for users who’ve managed to snatch early download codes for the Xbox One. The race for a beta code still continues for those who haven’t.

Those users who managed to get into the Titanfall Beta last night are understandably excited. Many of them have reached out to friends and family on Twitter, proclaiming how much fun the game is and how different it is from what they’ve played before. For example, Twitter user and writer for The Verge, Tom Warren tweeted last night that he’d “been playing Titanfall for about an hour.” And that gamers should “believe the hype.”

The Xbox One's first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

The Xbox One’s first big exclusive title, Titanfall, launches March 11th.

Responses from gaming-specific media outlets have also been positive. A long form piece on Titanfall from Polygon that recounts some experiences in the game’s multiplayer concluded that Titanfall is “the most exciting shooter in years.”

In fact, these reactions and the video footage now starting to appear on YouTube has become a frenzy and users are actually selling their Titanfall Beta codes on eBay. Though auctions seem to have topped out at around $32, Buy It Now options, that is so that users can just skip the entire bidding process and purchase the code, are as high as $100.

So far, a user’s best chances for getting their hands on a Titanfall Beta code is simply to apply for entry online. Earlier this week Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment announced that users could submit their email address until 7 p.m. tonight. At that time Respawn also made it incredibly clear that seats were limited and that even users who’d pre-ordered the copies of the game ahead of its March 11th Xbox One release aren’t guaranteed access to the beta.

It also posted a video detailing the kind of play experiences users could expect if they managed to get in. Titanfall officially launches on the Xbox One and Windows PCs on March 11th. Electronic Arts announced that it’d delayed the launch of the Xbox 360 version of the game until March 25th last week.

Respawn says beta codes will begin going out today and continue arriving in user’s email inbox until February 17th. The Titanfall Beta wraps up on February 18th.

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