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Titanfall Deals Are Sparse: Best Places to Buy or Pre-Order Titanfall



The launch of Titanfall, the upcoming first-person shooter game that’s only coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs, is going to be big. Though the game lost some of its edge after it was delayed last year, it’s now clear that Microsoft’s hopes for console sales over the next few month hinges on whether Titanfall is a success.

If it isn’t the company could go into the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June with millions of Xbox One owners all looking for a decent exclusive game to pick up with their system and only a handful of blockbuster titles to hold them over. If the game is successful Microsoft could have found another title that millions of users respond to. After all, the company can’t continue to make Halo and Gears of War forever.

Watch the alpha footage to see the Titanfall Gameplay experience in video.

Watch the alpha footage to see the Titanfall Gameplay experience in video.

With the stakes that big, many retailers are getting on the Titanfall festivities. For example, many are offering deals on physical copies of the game. So where should you purchase your retail copy of Titanfall?

Microsoft Store

microsoft store titanfall

The Microsoft Store isn’t rolling out a big carpet for Titanfall buyers so much as it’s just introducing a few small deals to get users excited about the release. Any user who purchases Titanfall for Xbox One will have the game delivered to them on launch day. The company is also bundling a $10 gift card that buyers can use to purchase content from the Xbox Store.

Additionally, the company is letting users get a year of Xbox Live Gold when they pre-order the game for just $39.99. That’s about $20 less than what it costs usually.


Titanfall Amazon

Amazon is doing a bit more for Titanfall buyers. Users who pre-order the game before March 7th will receive the game along with a free mini Prima Guide for the game. According to Amazon’s description that guide contains what amounts to paper maps and information to help users make it through the first few weeks of the multiplayer-only title with a bit of an edge.

PC buyers of the game will get that Prima Mini Guide plus $5 in Amazon Video Games store credit. Xbox 360 buyers will get only the Prima Mini Guide like their Xbox One counterparts.


Titanfall gamestop

Surprisingly, GameStop is doing almost nothing to entice buyers. Gamers will be able to pick up the title on launch day, however its buyers won’t get any exclusive content or DLC or extra deals. Instead, the gaming only retailer is giving users an exclusive game poster.


titanfall wal-mart

Finally, Wal-mart seems to have used the same philosophy as Microsoft did for its Titanfall buyers. Users who pre-order and purchase the game from Wal-mart will get a $4.99 voucher for the company’s VUDU movie streaming service and a custom mission patch. Renting a movie on the service costs as little as $2.99 for older titles that aren’t on sale. Purchasing a movie on the service could cost users as much as $15.

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Titanfall launches on Xbox One and the PC on March 11th. Xbox 360 users will need to wait until March 25th before they can pick up the game. Buyers should remember that the game is heavily multiplayer based.  As such, they’ll really need an internet connection and an Xbox Live Gold subscription for the best experience.

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