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Titanfall Fixes Land To Frustrate Cheaters and Balance Game Play



This week Respawn Entertainment released two new updates to its Titanfall first-person shooter game for the Xbox One and PC. One is designed to pair cheaters with other cheaters and the other is for creating matchups that aren’t completely dominated by the same team over and over again.

Respawn announced the first of these two changes this past Wednesday. Apparently, the PC version of the game uses technology to track and identify cheats. Respawn isn’t being as aggressive as say Microsoft would be with cheaters. Instead of permanently banning them, Respawn will ban individual users from playing with regular players who aren’t trying to win by nefarious means. Once banned Respawn will automatically pair PC players with other cheaters.


Users will be able to play with their friends, however if the game detects that a single player in that party has been banned because of cheating everyone in that party will be stuck playing with other cheaters for just that game session. Once users have stopped playing with the person who cheated their matchmaking abilities will return to normal and they’ll be able to play with gamers who aren’t cheating.

That this two systems are coming online to frustrate cheats is definitely a good thing. Some PC players were using public matches and aim bots to boost their scores for no other reason than they got extra experience points.

The second update for Titanfall includes balancing the game for users who aren’t necessarily all that skilled. Starting with recent server updates, Respawn is trying to better match players and switch up teams so that users and teams who aren’t as skilled as others don’t end up spending entire play sessions being destroyed over and over again. Respawn says it made the decision to break up teams that are dominating automatically based on player data it collects behind the scenes.

Instead of finding a player with the fastest connection, Titanfall will now prioritize skill level over speed. This means that players who can’t seem to progress past level 10 should find themselves playing against other players who match their skill set.

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This update is coming to both the Xbox One and PC. Presumably, the Xbox 360 version of the game will also include this update when it finally arrives next month.

Titanfall is available right now for the Xbox One and PC for $60. There are currently no plans to make the game available to PS4 buyers.

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