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Titanfall for Xbox 360 Gets Delayed Two More Weeks



Titanfall for Xbox 360 buyers will have to wait a little while longer before they can pick up the latest popular multiplayer shooter from some of the same men and women who made the Call of Duty franchise what it is. Electronic Arts, Titanfall’s publisher, has formally delayed the game again.

The announcement of this new delay came just moments ago on the Titanfall website. The post begins with high praise for the game’s launch on its two other platforms; Microsoft’s Xbox One console and desktops, laptops and portables running Windows. It then quickly dovetails into an update on the progress for Titanfall for Xbox 360.


Now Titanfall for Xbox 360 will launch in North America on April 8th. According to the post, EA is giving Bluepoint Games, the development house in charge of bringing Titanfall to the Xbox 360, even more time to work on the game because there are “a few things that can be made even better.” The game will still feature all of the same things that players of the game on other platforms have come to appreciate, the large multiplayer maps and more. Gamers in Europe won’t be able to play the title on their Xbox 360 until April 11th.

Electronic Arts’ statement makes no references to the title’s previous delay. Originally, the game was supposed to arrive alongside the other versions of Titanfall on March 11th. Then EA announced it was delayed until March 25th.  At the time EA said that the studio needed just a bit more time to prepare the game for its launch. It’s unclear exactly what changes Bluepoint Games is making to the title now.

That the game has been delayed repeatedly isn’t exactly a great sign. Typically, big franchises like Titanfall have a hard ship date that they simply don’t miss unless there’s something seriously wrong with them. If there is something seriously wrong, it’s taking a long time for Bluepoint Games to address. If there isn’t something seriously wrong with the game than there has to be another reason for this new delay that Electronic Arts isn’t sharing with the rest of the world.

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When Titanfall for Xbox 360 launches on April 8th it’ll cost $59.99. It’s unclear whether Xbox 360 users will be able to purchase the title through the Xbox Games Store on launch day.

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