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Titanium is the Claim to Fame of $300 iPhone 4 Bumper



Third-party accessory-maker Case-Mate is releasing a $300 iPhone 4 bumper-style case that is machined from a solid chunk of titanium. The metal, which is found on aircrafts, expensive cars, and American Express Black Card charge cards, is durable, strong, while still being lightweight.

While the case design is fashioned to look like Apple’s own rubber bumpers for the iPhone 4, the assembly process is a bit more complicated than merely stretching the bumper around the edges of your iPhone to fit. The kit comes with two screws and a mini screwdriver for assembly.


While the case is definitely cool and chic, for those who have the cash laying around, it is priced the equivalent of a 32 GB iPhone 4 on contract through AT&T or Verizon Wireless at this time. Moreover, the disadvantages of a bumper remain in that the front and rear glass panels are left exposed to scratches and cracks, but at least with lightweight titanium, you can shield your external antenna from the death grip issue.

Via: SlashGear

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