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Today’s Question: What Accessories Do You Consider Must Haves For Your Tablet PC or UMPC?



ManyquestionsTime to accessorize. Deciding on which Tablet PC or which Ultra-Mobile PC to purchase is often merely the first step. After that comes a wide range of soul searching (and occasionally budget busting) decisions on which accessories to purchase to really keep you running the way you want to. So today’s question focuses on accessories.

Let’s avoid the “Which bag is best” question here for this discussion and focus on other accessories. Or are they essentials? I know in my case, I always figure the cost of an extra or extended battery into my purchasing decision. I know many feel the same way about a docking solution. So, here’s today’s question:

Which accessories do you consider essential to your Tablet PC or UMPC computing?

As usual you can leave a comment here, or in this thread in the forums.

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