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Today’s Question: What Is Your Essential Software Kit For Your Tablet or UMPC?



ManyquestionsWe haven’t asked a question in a few days but in a way we did with Rob’s ““I Miss the Wow” post which generated some very interesting responses. A number of those, mine included, pointed to the fact that software drives what we do with our mobile devices.

So, today’s question is this: What is your essential software kit for your Tablet PC or UMPC?

Here’s mine. Think of your answer in this context:  Which of these apps do you use because you use them on a Tablet PC or UMPC? Which do you, or would you, use on any non ink-enabled computer? For example, I use a number of Acronis products and they are pretty essential to my computing needs. But I use them on multiple computers, some of which aren’t Tablet PCs, so I leave them off my list.

Remember your answers and the discussion they generate are important to the folks who make decisions about future applications and future development of the Tablet PC and UMPC platforms. They are paying attention.

As always leave your comments here or in this thead in the forums.


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